small cover image Pete Namlook - Music for Urban Meditation
Format: CD
Label: Fax Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $13.00

The first album coming from the top of the hill in one of the least populated areas of Germany. A view of nothing but nature. In his new studio, high end technology meets pure serenity and the creative mind longs for a rest, a pause, a release. Occasional visits to Frankfurt cause flashbacks to urban life. When you look at this life from a distant view you start to understand how far this way of living is from our origin. This CD is made for people living in urban environments to help them find the center of their well-being again. Static sounds develop in an organic way.. sound mantras that transcend through seven parts helping to lie down and listen.. let go.. release.....

CD tracks

  1. Music for Urban Meditation (Part I - VII) 62.00min

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