small cover image Various Artists - Compilation 5
Format: 2CD
Label: Fax Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $20.00

OK...we forgot one release this compilation back in the Dance/Vinyl times of FAX ;-) As a lot of artists and labels by this time copied the style of FAX and commercialized it, Pete Namlook decided to withdraw from HardTrance and concentrate more on Ambient/Chill-Out and basically innovative Electronica. Mainstream was never his aim. His approach to integrate melodies into Underground-Techno-Dance Tracks was a total taboo in 1992 when the typical FAX-sound emerged. Things changed by the time the 5th series of Vinyl (compiled on this Double-CD) was released. This Double CD is a great example of the label’s transition from Dance to electronica. While tracks like “Join Us on Our Way to the Final Fronier” by 4Voice (Namlook), “X-Ray Delta One” by Sequential (Namlook/DJ Criss) and “Supervision” by Hearts of Space (Namlook/Pascal FEOS) still focus on dancefloor themes, “Namhouse”,”Subconscious Power” and “Ancient History” try to focus more on listening qualities and the futuristic electronica aspect while still echoing the dance aspects. Following the tradition of our releases during the Dance times this compilation is strictly limited to 500 items. As a bonus, the tracks have been remastered from the original tapes to improve sound quality.

  • Sequential: X-Ray Delta One
  • Limelight: Amicus Certus In Re Incerta Cernitur
  • Deltraxx: Explorers of the Mind (Legal Version)
  • Hearts of Space: Supervision
  • Crypt Corp: Inner Space
  • Voice: Join Us On Our Way to the Final Frontier
  • The Putney: Putney Dust
  • Limelight: Loca Aspera
  • 4 Voice: Move #2
  • Limelight: Vastum Maris Aequor
  • Syn: Subconscious Power
  • Hearts of Space: Namhouse
  • Syn: Ancient History4
  • Sequential: Mission Control #2
  • The Putney: Amourette
  • Deltraxx: Quadra (Lost City)
  • 4 Voice: The Final Frontier

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