small cover image Pete Namlook - The Air Collection
Format: MP3-CD
Label: Fax MP3 Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $20.00

This series began with "Air", the first solo Pete Namlook CD released on FAX in 1993. From the start, "Air" was the most successful CD series on FAX and gained a lot of attention with its French lyrics and its widespanning chill-out sound that included ethno, jazz, space, electronic, environmental, lounge and ambient sounds. The main theme was love in all its facets and emotional depth without cliché. Pete Namlook: "I worked with a lot of DJs by this time and found the guidelines of producing with them for the dancefloor very restrictive. Even the Ambient B-Sides that I did on these dance-vinyl releases were musically not free enough for my taste. Working on this solo-project was total freedom for me and therefore I called the project 'Air'. It was like the air that I needed to breathe and I wanted to breathe fresh air into the Chill Out/Ambient movement because by this time some so-called 'guidelines' had been formed even for the downbeat sector and I didn't want to be constrained by those guidelines. I was able to influence a musical style as FAX had a large following at that point and I wanted Chill Out/Ambient to be wide open and incorporate many different styles rather than being restricted solely to electronic music." Air and Air II had been licensed to several labels worldwide. From Air III onward Pete Namlook re-issued them on his sublabel "Ambient World".

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