small cover image Pete Namlook - Ambient Cookbook II
Format: MP3-CD
Label: Fax MP3 Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $20.00

[Please note: In response to questions about this release...These are CD-Rs that Namlook had pre-printed, then he himself burned and signed each one. The previous MP3-CDs were created by Namlook sending a CD-R master (same as this) to the pressing plant and having it replicated. Namlook actually spent more money doing it this way.] Dinner is served! Here it is, the long awaited reissue of the succesful album "The Ambient Cookbook II", a delightful feast for real Ambient and Chill Out gourmets. Now fast food times are over, the Ambient Cookbook II in high resolution mp3 version (320 kpbs) is catering 5 hours of varied enjoyment, delicate compositions and selected sounds of superb electronical music. The album is not only in musical respect an absolute banquet, but also a delicacy for collectors, since each CD was signed and numbered by Pete Namlook. The exceptional booklet with its many recipes, historical facts and insights of the labels philosphy is additional tidbit. Take superior artists... Hubertus Held, Christian Thier, Bill Laswell, AtomTM,Bobby Bird(HIA), Wolfram Spyra, Mixmaster Morris, Richie Hawtin, Geir Jenssen, Klaus Schulze, Tetsu Inoue, David Moufang, New Composers, Peter Prochir, Jochem Paap, Burhan Íšal und Pete Namlook ...their extraordinary music... Air, Silence, Escape, Namlook/Held, Sequential, Psychonavigation, Coer Atomique, Namlook, Shado, Jet Chamber, Syn, Virtual Vices, Dreamfish, From Within, Fires of Ork, The Dark Side of the Moog, Pulsation, Outland, Planetarium, Jochem Paap, 2350 Broadway, Ambient Otaku, MoveD/Namlook, Koolfang, EMC, Miles Apart, Hearts of Space, Sultan, SHADO ...and let all ingredients unfold in 320 kbps high resolution! Enjoy! Because of the enormous public demand for this album, we recommend that you pre-order.

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