small cover image Xhol Caravan - Motherfuckers Live
Format: 3CD
Label: United Durtro Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $21.50

"Steven Stapleton, David Tibet & Christoph Heeman are delighted to announce the release of the 3CD set Motherfuckers Live by the greatest Krautrock group of all time, Xhol Caravan. Their three classic albums, Electrip, Hau - Ruck & Motherfuckers GMBH & Co KG, two of which appeared on the legendary OHR label, are considered to be amongst the most extreme, mind bending, freeform psychedelia ever created. United Durtro, with the assistance of Xhol Caravan themselves, now release two beautifully recorded live shows from 1968 & 1969, one of which reproduces in its entirety the infamous Freedom Opera, which includes a mesmerising expanded version of Donovan's classic Season Of The Witch. The other live show is a cosmic space improvisation broadcast for German radio. A bonus 20 minute CD completes this 3CD package has Nurse With Wound, Current 93 & Christoph Heeman covering their favourite moments from Xhol's wonderful back catalogue. Full colour package, with full colour 12 page booklet, with striking psychedelic artwork by Babs Santini & Steven Stapleton, as well as liner notes by Stapleton, Tibet & Heeman, and reproductions of old Xhol posters and group photos."

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