small cover image Pete Namlook - Subconscious Worlds
Format: DTS+CD
Label: Fax Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $20.00

Driving Rhythms, Dreamscapes and Intense Atmospheres Our lives influence our dreams as our dreams influence our lives. The subconscious mind lives on in our dreams. exploring worlds impossible in our own. But what happens when those worlds and minds collide? Live the dream or dream the life. Subconscious Worlds dives deep into this theme and is, like our dreams and our life, boun- cing constantly between driving rhythms, dreamscapes & intense atmospheres. Never superficial, always intense. Sometimes calm, sometimes moving.

DTS 5.1 Music Disc/Stereo 2CD. For compatibility reasons (to listen to the music in the car or at your friend’s or if you don’t own a DTS capable 5.1 Surround System) we included a stereo CD version in the double CD-pack.


  1. Opening the Gate 9.30
  2. Living the Dream 12.15
  3. Subconscious Worlds 22.40
  4. Canned Love 11.52

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