small cover image Thomas Heckmann - The Lost Tales Vol. II
Format: CD
Label: Fax Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $13.00

Between 1990 and 2008, Thomas P. Heckmann produced and recorded several hundred tracks, relea- sed countless singles and CDs and made his name in Techno / Electro / Minimal / Industrial / EBM / Ambient / Acid and so on, but this series on FAX consists of the tracks that, for whatever reason, were never released, but were favorites of Heckmann and the people around him. TPH: “Sometime in the mid 70s I got hold of some electronic albums from my fathers collection and was soon absorbing the atmospheres and sounds of early Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, Jarre aso. At some stage I wanted to know how the hell they did all this and what instruments they used. And on the back of Jarre's Oxygene and others there were things written like Moog, EMS, ARP, Eminent, but in those days there were only a few places were you could see, let alone touch them...especially for a 7 year old kid. The rest is history and all I can say, that a little kids dreams came true for me and the results of insane collecting and producing music for myself is contained on this volume II of my Lost Tales series of unreleased recordings from 1991 to 2007...

CD tracks:

  1. Paisley Symphony 7.53
  2. The Calico Wall 21.44
  3. Images 5.22
  4. Genocide 5.30
  5. Black Swans 6.50
  6. Escapades 4.05
  7. Dazed 6.25
  8. From a Mad Experience 14.21

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