small cover image Xhol - Hau-Ruk + 1 Bonus Track
Format: CD
Label: Garden of Delights Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $19.25

Licensed reissue of their 1970 Ohr LP plus a 22-minute unreleased track recorded at Dieter Dierk's studio. "The band (then) signed up with the sacred underground label Ohr. Two long live improvisations, recorded in July 1970, were released as Hau-Ruk (1971). The album showcased a couple of changes: HANSI FISCHER had quit for EMBRYO, and their name had been shortened into XHOL. Musically it was arguably a 'progressive' development on Electrip, offering even more time for instrumental work, particularly the wah-wah manipulated sax and organ of BELBE and BREUERN respectively. "Breit" was a lazy fusion piece, which gradually built in intensity. Actually this wasn't too far removed from the live tracks on Soft Machine's third album. By contrast, 'Schaukel' turned into an obscene rocking monster." (Cosmic Dreams At Play)

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