small cover image Xhol - Essen 1970
Format: CD
Label: Garden of Delights Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $19.25

XHOL's sound was a mix of jazz-rock and psychedelia. The band from Wiesbaden and former XHOL CARAVAN stood out for their pretty lengthy improvisations holding barely any vocals. The band became quite well-known with their two LPs released on Ohr. On Saturday, October 24, 1970, they performed at the third Essen Pop & Blues Festival at the Gruga hall. At that time, HANSI FISCHER, one of the founders, had already gone on to EMBRYO. The whole festival had been recorded semi-professionally on soundboard by ROLAND VERHEYEN. The event's master tapes are partly preserved. Lavishly remastered the CD provides a quite acceptable sound, although the drums seem to be too loud. Xhol's gig had been divided into four pieces blending perfectly into each other.

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