small cover image Pete Namlook - Permutations
Format: DTS+CD
Label: Fax Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $20.00

Fans of the "Namlook" project have had to wait quite a while for Pete to finish this CD, due to the complex nature of the music. “Permutations” combines and connect feelings, rhythms, mathematics and sound on a complex level. You will find that with each listen will hear a different part and listen to it differently, as some of the Permutations are complex, while others are straightforward and prominent in the foreground. As soon as you turn up the volume a bit, more layers appear. Permutations is too demanding for “backround” listening but still connects on an emotional level and is a joy to listen to. Sequenced synth- and drumlines, drones, melodic content and ambience are all part of the project, combined in a fresh way.

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