small cover image Pete Namlook/David Moufang - Stranger III
Format: DTS+CD
Label: Fax Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $20.00

Recorded live in Heidelberg, this time Dave and Pete explore the world of the unknown. "Stranger III" is the final piece in the Trilogy. The album opens with a quiet atmosphere and the voice of a woman speaking adorations in French. Love in space is a never ending fantasy about what might happen if we meet and date on an intergalactical scale. The “Stranger” beyond imagination. Embedded in an intimate imaginative “outer world atomosphere” the first part of “Our Two Planets” starts... soon to evolve into a part dominated by a melodic subharmonic sequence connected to soft percussions and a deep, straight-ahead beat. This album is once again a step forward in sound and composition. An outstanding collaboration between two masterminds of new electronic music which grows on you with each listening session.

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