small cover image Cosmic Hallways - Cosmic Hallways
Format: LP
Label: Feeding Tube Records Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $25.75

Cosmic Hallways is the North by Northeast fire music crew assembled by leader Gene Moore (Prana-Bindu/Hat City Intuitive/Thurston's big brother) for this double sax, guitar axe, bass and drums -- fire music field trip to the Schoolhouse (a former one-room 16th/17th century schoolhouse turned recording studio) in the pleasant Connecticut River Valley farm town of Hadley, Massachusetts. Here, 21st century hot and sauce techniques meet the "how the fuck did people live out here -- and in this house" -- vibe from the late 1600s behind a 15 foot high fence surrounding the one street town from the natives who wanted to fry their children to send the message that's sometimes whispered softly and gently as "get...out..." Anyway, using drums, upright bass, alto & tenor saxes, electric guitar, bells & yelling, the 5 folks on this record invite you to join them for 40 minutes on their sweat-soaked & bone-toked free-fire odyssey to mindframes previously unbeknownst to the assembled. Members include: Gene Moore (guitar, bells); Paul Flaherty (Flaherty & Corsano, alto & tenor sax); Gene Janas (Owl Xounds, upright bass); Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut (alto sax); John William Moloney (Sunburned Hand Of The Man, drums). Recorded at the Schoolhouse by Jim Matus, November 22, 2010.

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