small cover image Yeti - #12
Format: Book
Label: Yeti Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $13.00

New Yeti format with exclusive GROUPER track on the 7 inch! "The first issue in the new format: 8" square with a hard-vinyl 7" stapled inside the back cover. On the hard-vinyl 7" EP: Four archival, killer, never before heard songs: Mississippi Fred Mcdowell (two unreleased 1959 Lomax recordings). The Tiki Men's blown-out cover of Duane Eddy's 'First Love, First Tears,' ca. 1994. Plus a new recording by dreampop slayer grouper of Dead Moon's 'Demona,' recorded just the other month! Inside the 8" by 8" book: Awesome cover by Carson Ellis. Portfolio of photographs from Alan Lomax Archives ca. his 1959 'Southern Journey.' Translator/poet Margarita Shalina's personal look at the NYC 1980s hardcore punk scene (she was there, man). Kim Spurlock's heavily annotated trove of Neal Cassady ephemera. Jamaican Gospel 7" label scans. Great drawings by Tim Miller, James Trotter and Jana Cleveland. Killer photos by Nina Dudoladova of Long-Abandoned Forts in Kaliningrad, Russia. A monumental, look at the work of Sacramento, CA's forgotten '90s surf band the Tiki Men. An interview with translator and author Susan Bernofsky (best-known for her work with Robert Walser). A great story by Mimi Lipson. Image-heavy interview by Chris Kirkley (Sahel Sounds) with contemporary African sign-painter Thiam Bellou."

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