small cover image Pieter Nooten - Haven
Format: CD
Label: Rocket Girl Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $16.00

Pieter Nooten's all instrumental new double album 'Haven' is the third in a series of solo-releases composed and mixed entirely on the Mac Book Pro. Obliged to disregard the frills of most hi-end ambient/neo-classical productions 'Haven' is nevertheless one of the most authentic and exemplary sounding cds you will hear all year. It has the true mark of the contiguous quality and style we have learned to appreciate from Nooten's previous releases, all the way back to his 'Clan Of Xymox' days.

'Haven' contains a vast diversity and collection of different shades of melancholia. Without a human voice or single beat to be heard, Nooten wanted no earthly distractions from the mood he set out to communicate. And it works. On more levels then one.

Nooten sounds more introverted and world weary then we are accustomed to hearing him yet, with an ease and productivity we can only marvel at, he sketches an introspective and deeply poetic musical world of heart-wrenching beauty, incorporating elaborate sound design and experimentation without over-producing the music or compromising his initial goals.

As a rule Pieter Nooten sounds like Pieter Nooten: there are no influences by predecessors, external styles or genres. This music is his music; timeless, introvert, even desolate at times, it never fails to transmit Nooten's unique musical message, all the way from a totally different planet back to ours. Even considering the restriction of a single Mac Book Pro as the only composition tool, the music remains sophisticated and profound, restrained and minimalistic.

Nooten never contests his personal mark: a pensive sadness that delicately lies hidden within every single melody, sound and harmony: a profound melancholy that is intense and at some moments quite overwhelming. Here is the work of the master, not a disciple, of the innovator, not an imitator."

(Andreas Engelman, Amsterdam, 2012)

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