small cover image Pete Namlook/Bill Laswell - The Psychonavigation Collection
Format: MP3-CD
Label: Fax MP3 Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $20.00

The third Ambient/Chill-Out MP3 CD worldwide! The long time sold-out five Psychonavigation CDs on one MP3CD (Encoded with 320kbps--no difference in listening quality to the original CDs.) Limited to 1000 copies. The third MP3 - CD on FAX and still no other label in the electronica/Chill-Out and Ambient scene has released this kind of product. We love to sell innovative products. Again the length of the CD is around 5 hours at highest MP3 quality. This project has a certain development from the start in 1993 through 2002 (Psychonavigaton 5) which makes it an ideal candidate for an MP3 release. From mysterious Dub-Ambient to early Trip-Hop and Ethno-Dub-Trance Fusion.. always ahead of its time and with two masters of the genre. This release gives you the real Psycho-Navigation while listening to it.. enough said.. the music speaks for itself. All the original CD releases are sold out and have never been reissued. So this *is* a collectors item encoded at the highest possible rate 320kbps.

CD tracks:

  1. Psychonavigation 70.23 (Psychic and UFO Revelations in the Last Days ,Angel Tech,Black Dawn)
  2. Psychonavigation 2 54.41 (Under Heaven,Blue Shift,The Fate of Energy,The Hell of the Same,Infinum)
  3. Psychonavigation 3 63.45 (Telepathy I,Trautoniolo,Mind Tranceference Control,Mind over Energy,Vocal PSI,Telepathy II,Lights Out)
  4. Psychonavigation 4 55.09 (A rena,Samira,ENTIB 2060,Good and Bad)
  5. Psychonavigation 5 51.49 (The Catalyst,Cryosleep,Life Etern a l)

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