small cover image Padmasana - II
Format: CD
Label: Dakini Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $16.50

The first Padmasana album was one of Dakini Records' earliest releases, appearing in 1999 as the decade of ambient electronica drew to a close. Billed as "Bali Space Dub", the album featured three epic tracks that took you on a journey from the glistening jungle temples of Ubud to deepest space and back. After their debut, Padmasana released a couple of compilation tracks, the extremely limited-edition "Universal Consciousness" single, and then disappeared. Now, some 13 years later, they're back, and Padmasana II picks up where the first album left off, moving from blissy textures like the first album into deeper, headier dub excursions for the end times. With so much electronic music nowadays bound to loops and predictable building-block structures, the idea here was to aim for more free-flowing pieces, which would shift, breathe, morph in an organic way, while still keeping some solid riddims as an anchor. Imagine Fripp & Eno with King Tubby on the mixer and you'll be getting close. The music moves into some very different terrain than the first album -- reflecting the different technologies available a decade later -- but that feeling of a complete journey remains, starting in the come-down phase of a blissy trip (the '90s maybe?) and moving through armageddon dubs (the present) and into the intergalactic future.

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