small cover image Mark McGuire - The Instinct
Format: 12 inch
Label: New Images Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $13.25

"The Instinct" is part of the journey that takes place on my upcoming album, Along the Way. It is the fire that burns deep in the heart of man, the light by which he sees truth in the sprawling darkness that besets us all. The Instinct begins to set in during the Age of Revealing, when the Architects of Manipulation are discovered and exposed. All of the world's distractions-the inherent faults of the system to which everyone pledges their life, the false journey on which we are all led-is the sorcery, the anti-magic that has lured the masses away from lives filled with personal meaning or self-fulfillment. The Instinct kicks in, and reminds the individual that by discovering these elements and empowering himself with the clarity of objective, critical thinking, these sorcerers begin to lose their power, and he can win back his psychic sovereignty. This is the astral battle cry that sounds in the deepest thoughts of the individual as he begins to defend the palace of being that is his own consciousness. -Mark McGuire

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