small cover image Crime - Murder By Guitar 1976-1980
Format: CD
Label: Kitten Charmer Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $9.50

"YES, the rumors are true. The musicians that were 'punk' before it had a name. And then rejected the name. The band that was banned in every venue in San Francisco at one time or another. The visual image that burned holes in the minds of everyone who saw it. The lyrics that told the stories of love, hate, fear, attraction, repulsion, frustration, speed, pain, stupidity, boredom and murder. The songs that redefined 'hardcore.' The sound that drove half the audience to rush the stage, and the other half to run screaming from the room clutching their bleeding ears. The studio tracks that no record company had the balls to press into vinyl. The album that they said would never be made. Until now. At last. From San Francisco's First and Only Rock and Roll Band." A long-awaited collection from legendary San Francisco punk rock band CRIME. Includes all six original single sides newly remastered from the original session tapes for the first time, along with an additional nine unreleased vintage studio tracks.

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