small cover image Noothgrush - Noothgrush
Format: CD
Label: Fuck Yoga Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $12.00

"AVAILABLE AGAIN!!! Fans of the band have probably heard bootlegs of this demo by now, but for newcomers and collectors, the vinyl looks too good to resist. Indeed, it seems like NOOTHGRUSH has had a bit of a revival this year, first reforming for a handful of gigs, then having a compilation of radio sessions released on Southern Lord-their first widely released record. So this re-release is especially timely because it gives us a chance to see how the band developed from their early days, before the final and most well known Noothgrush line-up formed. Recorded shortly after forming in 1994, this self-titled demo features Noothgrush vets CHIYO and GARY along with TOMCHOI (of Sleep-precursor ASBESTOS DEATH) on guitar and LUIS DEVILLA on second bass and moog. As a result, the sound is significantly different from the band's later material-the pace is still cripplingly slow and the mood still depressing and full of contempt for life but there are more psychedelic moments and vocal melodies. Final track '8d8,' for example, is 20 brutal minutes of tortured, twisted riffs, guitar feedback, tape manipulation, samples, moog and general freak-outery."

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