small cover image Current 93 - Like Swallowing Eclipses (Dreamt By Andrew Liles)
Format: LP Box
Label: Dirter Promotions Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $35.50

New lower pricing; originally released in 2010. For the first time on vinyl, the complete, highly-acclaimed Andrew Liles remixes of the first five classic Current 93 albums. Andrew Liles has re-imagined Nature Unveiled (1984), Dogs Blood Rising (1984), In Menstrual Night (1986), Dawn (1987) and Live at Bar Maldoror (1985). Also exclusive to this set is a sixth LP, Haunt Invocation (Apadno), which is a remixed version of Faust (2000) and A Special Plan (2000). These influential albums by Current 93 are regarded by many as ground-breaking and innovative -- building upon this, Andrew Liles has re-dreamt and re-imagined these pieces with the flare and vision that he is renowned and respected for. All the records in this 6LP set come in individual covers in a beautiful spot-varnished box and are adorned with astounding artwork by David Tibet and photographs by Simona Dalla Valle.

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