small cover image Dubkasm - Victory
Format: 12 inch
Label: Sufferah's Choice Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $14.00

This Dubkasm production has become a piece of roots history since its explosive arrival at Notting Hill Carnival 2012, when Aba Shanti-I unleashed it to explosive effect. Dubkasm have decided to offer it on a heavy slab of 180 gram vinyl for the enjoyment of one and all. Featuring Digistep on alto sax and Galgo on trumpet, the record takes you on a journey through dub. The majestic horns soar over a rolling drum foundation with skipping 6/8 hi-hats, celestial pads and obscure percussion. The versions are punctuated by Dubkasm's trademark depth-charge reverbs, with the raw part four featuring mysterious duduk woodwind and an onslaught of modulation effects.

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