small cover image Ray Okpara - Midnight Protein
Format: 12 inch
Label: Mobilee Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $13.25

Midnight Protein is a stunning return to form that showcases Ray Okpara's taste for groove and soul. This is a patchwork of memorable dancefloor sounds, building on a rising tide of acid lines, juxtaposed with vocal calls and cut-up samples, and woven together with spectral synth chords. "The Mumbling" snatches a bass line reprise and a processed guitar lick, moulding both into shifting melodies and propulsive rhythms, creating a unique tech house workout with micro-minimal touches. "Midnight Protein" takes flight with some serious percussive swing, adding subtle acid synths to a sultry low-slung bass line, while Andrea Oliva's remix adds tech house ingredients.

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