small cover image The Traps - Boom Pow Awesome Wow
Format: LP
Label: Castle Face Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $13.25

"Announcing THE TRAPS' Boom Pow Awesome Wow: Another grimy bit of gold from the vaults; "home made" music from Providence, RI, to irk your co-workers with. When you hear the word "garage," does it make you want to leave the room? I can relate. Beaten over the head, we've been. The horse that was once merely dead is now paste on the linoleum. Garage songs sell cars. Needless to say, The Traps would be last on the list for ad men's fancy. Sometimes you see or hear something that is so completely the raw ingredient of what was once great in your life that it stands out...or in this case, hunches over with a thread of saliva from its chin to its knee. This is The Traps: From Providence, Rhode Island, circa 2003-2004. Very, very heavy. Very, very simple. Recorded in an unwaveringly carefree manner. Three young men: Two very mellow dudes playing guitars thru towers of fried amplification, one very loud dude from Illinois playing what sounds like a bass drum and a 40-inch ride cymbal. Coachwhips played with them, then I came home and tried to rip them off, but I wasn't man enough to fit these balls in the front seat. Castle Face has collected their six tracks from a CDR-only EP as well as four tracks pulled from a dusty box of cassettes by yours truly. Spit-shined in mastering and with all-new original artwork by DUSTY PETERSEN, Boom Pow Awesome Wow is the perfect antidote to the G-word selling more yet meaning less."-John Dwyer

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