small cover image Bruno Bavota - The Secret of the Sea
Format: CD
Label: Psychonavigation Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $16.00

The stunning third album from the popular Italian Pianist

Music had always been a faithful companion, following his daily emotions. But one day he decided to reach out to his brother's left-handed guitar, left unused for years on the sidelines. From that moment Music decided to save his life, covering him with a huge, warm hug, from which constantly comes out the echo of the deepest emotions of his soul. Few years later he discovered piano, whose strings naturally replaced those of his heart, spreading his love song across the world.

The Secret Of The Sea is the artist's most accomplished album to date and a fitting addition to the Psychonavigation catalogue. Sit back turn the lights down and allow these eleven carefully sculpted pieces calm your inner self.

In addition to his solo work, he is also the pianist of the band Adailysong.

In November 2008, the song "The Mighty Thought" was included into the soundtrack of a spot called "Opportunity job".

In October 2009 the song "The Last Thought Before Good Night" is featured in the soundtrack of "Power of Purpose", an American film about suicide prevention.

In 2010 the song "My Smile (instrumental)" was chosen for the advertising campaign by Doria Insurance for the contingency insurance, sue clause and active negligence policies. On July 8th 2010 he published his first self-produced EP "The Mirror of the Soul", presented at the Volver Cafe in Naples.

In September 2010 he won with Adailysong, the award "Eccellenza Napoletana", given at PAN-Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli.

On December 22nd 2010 he published his first self-produced LP "Il Pozzo d'Amor", featuring Fabrizia Nicolosi on cello, which was presented at Mumble Rumble in Naples.

On February 13th and 14th 2011 he performed a concert at the "Palab" and "The Oratory of Santa Cita" in Palermo.

In March 2011 he reached with Adailysong the semi-finals of the national competition" Sonic Waft Contest - Award Chris Chappell ".

In June of the same year he wrote the original song "The Kiss" for the short film "Uno come in terza fila" (One As in the Third Row) directed by Stefano Cortellessa.

In August 2011 he and Adailysong participated to "MusicaW Festival", opening the concert of the Italian singer Paolo Benvegnù.

In September 2011 Adailysong reached the finals of the "Premio Valentina Giovagnini". -

In October 2011 he played with Adailysong at "Biella Festival" at the Teatro Villani of Biella.

In November 2011 he was included in the "Zimbalam Compilation"as one of the best emerging artists of 2011 with the song "Il Pozzo d'Amor", which gives the title to his first album.

In March 2012 he was selected as pianist and keyboardist for the competition "IndiEPendente" which he gave up due to personal problems.

In April 2012 he came back to Palermo to perform for the show of music / dance / poetry "The Dream" at the Conservatorio Vincenzo Bellini.

Later that year Adailysong reached the finals of the national competition "Go on Stage" and played at the Twiggy Club in Varese.

In May 2012 he with Adailysong reached the finals of the national competition "Future Contest" at the CrossRoad Live Club in Rome.

In September, he played at _ResetFestival in Turin. In November 2012 "La danza delle stelle" is included into the compilation "Le canzoni migliori le aiuta la Fame" produced by "The Fame Dischi".

In December 2012 he played in Naples in the beautiful Piazza del Gesù (UNESCO World Heritage Site) for the event "Night of art."

In March 2013 he released his second album "La casa sulla luna" (The House on the Moon) (Lizard Records).

On April 2nd 2013 he was selected among thousands of artists to play at the Royal Albert Hall at the Accidental Festival opening gala. On this occasion, he had the honour of playing on Elton John's red piano, on which the British musician focused his Red Piano Tour and was then donated to the prestigious London theatre.

On April 4th 2013, the videoclip of the first single "Amour", recorded at St. Pancras Station in London, is released.

"Overall this is a really good effort,the album as a whole flows very well, giving us different lovely relaxing classical pieces and is a good album to unwind to. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to listen to some soft relaxing classical music." (

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