small cover image A Place To Bury Strangers - Missing You
Format: CDEP
Label: Rocket Girl Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $6.00

A Place to Bury Strangers are releasing their new single, 'Missing You' on 6th April on Rocket Girl Records. The band's new single is taken from their eponymous, critically acclaimed debut album, released late last year amidst a flurry of hair-raising live shows. To put the icing on the band's cake (or in their case, the T-Rex on their flux capacitor), A Place to Bury Strangers are also coming back to the UK in April to delight and terrify their British fans further.

The trio have had a pretty astounding year. Starting by becoming the band to see at last year's South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, they then toured with Dandy Warhols, and one of their childhood heroes, Nine Inch Nails. A tour with fellow Brooklynites MGMT made sure the Strangers' album was top on every muso's wish list. Suddenly the "loudest band in NYC", were the most wanted band in the UK.

Their epilepsy-inducing set is a completely unique experience of saw-soaked tracks with eardrum piercing austerity. Such static-laden tracks could easily get lost amidst the madness, but the band's attention to the technical side of their performance makes sure that their razor-sharp precision shines though to create aural ferocity. Of course it's useful that front man Oliver Ackermann's sideline is building hand-wired guitar pedals, which have been bought by bands such as My Bloody Valentine and Wilco. Oliver (guitars, vocalist), shares the stage withJono Mofo (bass) &Jay Space (drums). And boy are they noisy.

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