small cover image Ishqamatics - Earthbound
Format: CD
Label: Anodize Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $19.00

First edition in tin.

Earthbound" represents the first collaboration between two long-standing & highly regarded figures of contemporary electronica: Matt Hillier, aka Ishq, and Lee Anthony Norris, aka Metamatics (amongst numerous other aliases). Merging sensibilities that encompass everything from polymorphously exotic ambient & perception-altering harmonic soundplay to pillowy rhythmic contraptions, both Hillier & Norris effectively repurpose a multitude of landscapes afloat on both digitized pixeldust and the gorgeous pulsations of warm, humid analogics.

Matt Hillier, best known to ambient aficionados as Ishq, makes music informed with Buddhist, Sufist, yoga/tantra & other consciousness-raising philosophies as much as by the psychedelic flavors infusing much of the hybrid scenes sprinkled throughout 90s electronic music. His 2001 debut as Ishq, "Orchid", has long been regarded as a touchstone in UK ambient, and subsequent recordings has not diminished that stature. In fact, Hillier remains as busy as ever, recording as Elve and Ishvara, and defining his own unique aesthetic via his label Virtual.

Lee Anthony Norris doesn't rest on his laurels, either. He's a jack-of-all-trades genre-wise.€”whether churning out regal robot electro as Metamatics, glistening ambience as Nacht Plank, or sepia-tinted plangent techno as Norken, it's all part of the same dazzling puzzle. Norris is currently on a roll, with a baker's dozen of releases throughout 2013 and into 2014 plastered across his own .txt label in addition to work on Anodize and many other imprints. His early Norken records on UK label Hydrogen Dukebox are classics of beat construct and Detroitian depth, and his recent Anodize collaboration with Mick Chillage, the 2nd installment of their ongoing Autumn of Communion series, emphasizes the nomadic aspects of his always fascinating sound design. "Earthbound" perhaps.€”looking skywards, definitely.

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