small cover image Autumn of Communion - 2
Format: CD
Label: Anodize Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $17.00

First edition in tin.

A sequel to the final release on the late Pete Namlook's legendary Fax label, this finds erstwhile UK collaborators Lee Norris (Metamatics, Norken, Nacht Plank, etc.) & Michael Gainford (Mick Chillage) on an exploration into the space between your ears, where silence and motion assume grand proportions, rhythms arise, pulse, then dissipate, and tranquility is found at the murky intersections of shadow and substance.

More of a headrush than its predecessor, an aural snapshot recalling the pioneering early 90s heyday of ambient dub and IDM hybrids, "Autumn of Communion 2" does both its creators and Namlook's legacy proud.

The Autumn of Communion project was yielded from the combined interests and sensibilities of its core members. Though now based in Italy, Lee Norris has been a longtime fixture on the UK electronica/IDM nexus, having traded variously as Metamatics, Norken, Nacht Plank, Ashtoreth's Gate and many others. Under those guises, and across labels such as Hydrogen Dukebox, Clear and his own (late) Neo Ouija, Norris has realized some of his generation's finest recordings, the Metamatics and Norken releases being particularly innovative examples of a distinctive embracing of warm IDM and proto-rhythmic tropes. Norris shows no signs of slowing down, with upcoming releases highlighting a journeyman's variety of styles, all of which he fairly eclipses, thank you very much.

Michael Gainford, aka Mick Chillage, has been steadily building his own catalog of impressive proportions, crisscrossing with ease over the boundaries of ambient & post-dance tried-and-truisms, stamping such genres with a vitality and sense of imagination wholly his own. Whether releasing on Pete Namlook's Fax label, Norris's ...txt, or Psychonavigation, Chillage reveals a knack for twisting categorical vocabularies to suit his own ends; the better elements that arose during the now bygone era of late 20th century British electronica are reacquired and subsequently mutated thanks to Chillage's grit and gear.

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