small cover image White Mystery - Dubble Dragon
Format: 2xLP
Label: White Mystery Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $22.50

WHITE MYSTERY's fourth studio album and a blistering live performance come together into a 20-song Rock'n'Roll epic double album, weaving together their signature non-stop energy with heroic poetry and fantastical elements borne from the telepathic minds of MISS ALEX WHITE and FRANCIS SCOTT KEY WHITE. Pitchfork writes, "It's like clockwork: Every April 20, Chicago brother-and-sister duo White Mystery put out a new record. This year, it's the double LP Dubble Dragon--one half is a new studio album, the other has songs recorded live at Chicago's Double Door. 'Unteddy' is further proof of just how powerful these two can be. While Francis White's drum sound seems to land harder than ever, Miss Alex White's guitar thrives in its dense, opaque low end. The song is raw power, and when it finally begins to slow down, it's with Alex's entirely badass tapping solo. This band gets better and better." Limited edition of 1,000 copies pressed on colored vinyl and packaged in gatefold jackets.

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