small cover image Namlook, Pete/Atom TM - The Jet Chamber Collection
Format: MP3-CD
Label: Fax MP3 Notify Me ( ? )
Price: $20.00

This MP3 CD is encoded with highest resolution (320kbps) and includes the five Jet Chamber releases by two innovative musicians and label owners. All five releases represent their typical style from Chill-Out to Techno-Jazz. Of course original cover graphics are again included in the 12 page color-booklet and all the original releases are sold out. You will find them on the internet only for a lot of money.

CDs contained:

  1. Jet Chamber I 69.01 (Split Wide - Rotor Cabinet - Chaos Impuls - Feedback Fluctuation - Streamline)
  2. Jet Chamber II 62.50 (Inner Rotation - Calm Box - Outer Rotation)
  3. Jet Chamber III 62.24 (Rub Out - Dub In - Ultra Koran - Quite My Chords - Beel)
  4. Jet Chamber IV 53.50 (Zappel Jazz - Clearing Your Head - The Third Option)
  5. Jet Chamber V 52.05 (I Miss Green - Tightness - Voted Steady)

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