Medicine – 2.0 Extraneous (LP)


Artist: Medicine
Format: LP
Label: Drawing Room Records

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In 2003, Brad Laner and Shannon Lee, as Medicine, released a most amazing little album entitled The Mechanical Forces of Love. With heavy rock presence, it was a mostly electronic affair with a clear influence from the new dance culture, an idea at the time still considered nearly taboo by the establishment. 2.0 Extraneous is not that album. Instead, it’s a parallel universe version of said record. Gathering mostly non-LP songs initially used on UK singles, including a Devo cover, an acoustic track, a remix, and a few unreleased treasures, 2.0 Extraneous provides the listener with a re-make/re-model re-construction of this highly fruitful collaboration between Brad Laner and Shannon Lee. In 2017, these tracks sound more relevant and contemporary than ever. It’s a breath of fresh air, and you can really dance to it (mostly).


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