Price, Vincent – A Hornbook For Witches, Stories And Poems For Halloween (CD)


Artist: Price, Vincent
Format: CD
Label: Tangled Corpse

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Reissue of the ultra-rare 1976 vinyl, Vincent Price’s A Hornbook For Witches, Stories And Poems For Halloween, on CD for the first time. Turn up the volume, and turn down the lights. Suspense-master Vincent Price presents a hair-raising, bone-chilling collection of classic horror tales featuring a ghastly brew of witches, ghosts, and goblins. Edgar Allan Poe’s eerie Dreamland, John Collier’s offbeat Thus I Refute Beezly, and Marias Leech’s practical but frightful How To See Ghosts Or Surely Bring Them To You, are just a few of the tales stirring up fear in this chilling concoction of horror. These stories, sounds, spells, and incantations will send shivers up your spine. This is a truly amazing landmark recording from the good old days presented by one of the greatest voices of horror. Also features pieces written by Leah Bodine Drake, Charles Kingsley, and John Kendrick Bangs. Comes complete with all the original stunning album artwork. Digitally remastered.


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