Metamatics – A Metamatics Production (2xLP)


Artist: Metamatics
Label: Lapsus

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The next release in Lapsus Records “Perennial” series is from veteran producer Lee Norris, also known as Metamatics, the pseudonym under which he has spent more than two decades creating melodic IDM and sophisticated electro. Norris is an artist who warrants his cult following with an extensive catalog and countless monikers, including his main work as Metamatics and alternative projects NorkenNacht PlankIshqamatic, and Autumn Of Communion. This unflagging artist with an enviable track record behind him has released material on labels such as Delsin, Hydrogen Dukebox, Dot, Numbers and Clear, as well as running his own record labels Neo Ouija, …txt, XTT Recordings and Nagual. His seminal EP series 010203, and 04 was originally released between 1997 and 1998 on the now defunct but influential Clear label. Compiled as A Metamatics Production, the tracks breathed fresh air into the global IDM scene and were comprised of crystal-clear futuristic sounds, flirting with complex and funky drum & bass that carried both UK and Detroit influences, a true masterpiece. More than twenty years since its original release in 1997, Lapsus Records present the British producer’s original debut album A Metamatics Production, released in full and on vinyl for the first time. Silver “blob” in yellow vinyl; remastered; includes limited edition insert.

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