Pete Namlook – Air (remastered) (CD)



Artist: Pete Namlook
Label: Ambient World, Fax
Format: CD

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After having released the first Ambient-CD “Silence” on FAX, Pete Namlook created this CD as his first Solo-work. With this work he created an innovation that combined Jazz with Ambient and Electronic Space Music. This music is far more moving than “Easy Listening” with little melodies. It is the deep and moving impressionistic musical soundtrack to the search of two people for one another..It deals with the oldest theme since mankind has existed -LOVE-. By the time of its first -limited- release there was quite a buzz in the press…here some examples:

…there is more poetry here than most ham-fisted lyricists could muster out of three daysÂ’ confinement with a Thesaurus… Select (UK)

… rarely has ambient music been able to convey such feelings… Mixmag (UK)

… excellent Trip Magazine (USA)

… This makes you feel the wind, smell the flowers, see far away places, dream dreams and drift into subconsciousness.. Under One Sky (USA)

… This LP is an ambient masterpiece … that dreags you into its painted textures, and Aural Sculptures Generator (UK)


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