Tetsu Inoue – Ambiant Otaku (CD)


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Artist: Tetsu Inoue
Label: Ambient World, Fax
Format: CD

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This Ambient Masterpiece and first solo work of Tetsu Inoue in the field of Ambient had been released in a limited edition of 500 back in 1994. The CDs sold very fast and a lot of Ambient listeners were on the quest for this debut Solo-album of Tetsu Inoue. Meanwhile there are collectors who pay $200 and more for the original FAX release. This music presents the outstanding talent of Tetsu Inoue who always had his own style. In Minimalistic Ambient music this CD is beyond compare. Since the time Tetsu recorded this CD he collaborated with a lot of very famous artists and in many ways this CD and the collaborations with Pete Namlook had been the start of his great reputation in the field of electronic music.

CD Tracks:

  1. Karmic Light 17.04
  2. Low of Vibration 11.11
  3. Ambiant Otaku 10.49
  4. Holy Dance 15.36
  5. Magnetic Field 17.47


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