Karlheinz Stockhausen – Amour/Der Kleine Harlekin/Wochenkreis (CD)


Artist: Karlheinz Stockhausen
Label: Wergo
Format: CD

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Stockhausen’s Amour is a series of five pieces for clarinet based on short poems written as gifts for women whom the composer was deeply connected to. The most complex and hypnotic of these is ‘Die Schmetterlinge spielen’ (‘The Butterflies Playing’). ‘Der kleine Harlekin’ (‘The Little Harlequin’) is probably the best known of Stockhausen’s theatrical works. The clarinetist faces a musically demanding score while wearing a costume and performing a range of dance movements precisely indicated in the score. ‘Wochenkreis’ (‘Circle of the Week’) describes an initiatory journey from birth to ascension to God, accompanied by the electronic sounds produced by the synthesizer player who has the role of the antagonist Lucifer. Performed by: Michele Marelli (clarinet, basset horn) and Antonio Perez Abellan (synthesizer).


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