Merzbow – Aodron (CD)


Artist: Merzbow
Format: CD
Label: Automation

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Merzbow (AKA Masami Akita) is one of the most prominent and productive artists in the international noise scene. Since beginning the project in 1979 he has released hundreds of recordings and influenced generations of noise artists. Merzbow’s music can broadly classified as harsh noise but throughout his career he has continually evolved his sound, from early industrial tape loops and walls of distortion and feedback to forays into ambient synth soundscapes, making it difficult for any single recording to fully define the scope of the artist’s output. Throughout his prolific career he has collaborated with a multitude of artists including Sonic Youth, Sun-Ra, Genesis P-Orridge, Wolf Eyes, Alec Empire and most recently the Japanese metal band Boris.

Aodron is the latest recording in the post-laptop era of Merzbow. The album is comprised of familiar elements of the Merzbow sound; oscillating feedback, distorted synths, and slabs of metallic industrial noise. Although the album does tread into familiar sonic territory it is not a look into Merzbow’s past. Rather, it is a snapshot of a moment of time in the artist’s journey as he continues to push forward, creating his own path.

All Music by Masami Akita. Recorded and Mixed at Munemihouse, Tokyo, May-Oct 2016


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