The Angling Loser – Arena Of Apprehension (CD)


Artist: The Angling Loser
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Format: CD

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Lee Anthony Norris, Porya Hatami, Shintaro Aoki and Sir Cliff are The Angling Loser. If the first Angling Loser album was a gentle and bucolic excursion from daily life, blurred between the surface of our world and the world beneath the water, then the second album presents a trip into all the slow motions and reflections found much further out from the banks.

With strong echoes of the first, a familiar friendly voice but with stranger twists, hints of all being fine, a languid wandering float downstream and then we plunge out into the depths, taking us past where the sky and water try to touch and into dreams of fishes flying in and out of focus, while a solitary massively fragile guitar and bare piano keep us just this side of the lost within. If there is a third Angling Loser album and if it follows the path set by the first two, we’ll surely go over the edge and into a state of pure undulating perpetual beauty. Until then, this second work finds us closer to that edge than ever. Limited to 150 copies.


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