Coil – Astral Disaster Sessions: Un/Finished Musics (LP)


Artist: Coil
Format: LP
Label: Prescription
Release Date: 2018-01-31

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These rare Coil tracks were recorded as part of the legendary Prescription label album sessions recorded in the late 1990’s that resulted in the album “Astral Disaster”. Coil were invited to record at Sun Dial’s studios beneath the London Bridge Hop Exchange, but this studio was no ordinary studio. It was originally know as Samurai Studios, and had been originally built and owned by Iron Maiden. The premises in Victorian times had been an old debtors prison, which had three underground levels, and still had the original chains, manacles and wrought iron doors from the old prison. This caught the attention of John Balance, and he was very keen to record there.

At Gary Ramon’s invitation, Coil spent a number of days recording at the studio during Halloween 1998. Coil developed a number of tracks, some of which resulted in the “Astral Disaster” album. For various reasons, unissued material and mixes were omitted from the original “Astral Disaster” album. That brings us to here and now, and this LP, which provides Coil fans with their first opportunity to listen to this additional material from the “Astral Disaster” sessions.

This album includes previously unissued mixes, the rare version of ‘I Don’t Want To Be The One’ (only included on the very rare 1999 promo only Prescription sampler); and the 14-minute track ‘Cosmic Disaster,’ which was the original working title of the album.

Taken from the master tapes and remastered by Denis Blackham. Limited edition of 2000 copies

track list:
the sea priestess (alternative mix)
mothership (short version)
the avatars
i don’t want to be the one (instrumental version)
cosmic disaster


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