Various Artists – Bali 1928, Vol. III: Lotring and the Sources of Gamelan Tradition (CD)


Artist: Various Artists
Label: World Arbiter
Format: CD

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Vol. III of the complete 1928 Balinese recordings, the first republication since 1928 of lost shellac recordings, opens with the only known recordings of a lost gamelan. Heard in three tracks, Gamelan Semar Pagulingan, an ensemble known as “Gamelan of Love in the Bedchamber,” played instruments that no longer exist, originally performed just outside the private residence of a raja during meals, times of leisure, and when the raja was otherwise engaged in pleasure with one of his wives. The major artist in this CD is I Wayan Lotring, a composer who could not sleep for nights as he heard melodies in his dreams that he taught orally to musicians in his gamelan. An extensive text by Edward Herbst is included as a PDF on the CD (accessible by computer) and hosted online by World Arbiter. Some of these recordings come from discs that existed in only one known copy, and now their mystical, complex, innovative styles are available for everyone to experience. Also includes performances by Gamelan Palégongan of Banjar Tegal, Kuta; Gamelan Gendér Wayang of Banjar Tegal, Kuta; Gamelan Gendér Wayang of Kaliungu; Gamelan Palégongan of Kelandis; Gamelan Gambang; Gamelan Gambang of Pura Kawitan Kelaci, Banjar Sebudi; and Gamelan Pajogédan (Gandrung) of Pagan.


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