Various Artists – Bali 1928, Vol. V: Vocal Music in Dance Dramas (CD)


Artist: Various Artists
Label: World Arbiter
Format: CD

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Vol. V of the Bali 1928 recordings contains various emergent theatrical dance and dance-opera forms with translations of the dramas’ texts. We hear the first recordings of women participating in dance dramas, making this disc a major cultural repatriation of primary Balinese art forms that had been lost for nearly a century. An extensive essay is included as a PDF (accessed by computer) with links to 1930s silent films and a photo library are hosted online by World Arbiter. Some of these recordings come from discs that existed in only one known copy, and now their erotic, subtle, innovative styles are available for everyone to experience. Performances by Tembang Arja & Kidung with the Gamelan Geguntangan of Belaluan, Denpasar; Tembang Arja with the Gamelan Geguntangan of S=C3=A9s=C3=A9tan, Denpasar; Jang=C3=A9r of Kedaton, Denpasar with lead singer Ni Wayan Pempen; Jang=C3=A9r of Abian Timbul, Denpasar with lead singer Ni Lemon; Cepung Mony=C3=A8h Sasak from Lombok; and Top=C3=A9ng of Kaliungu: Ida Boda, Ida Bagus Purya & I Nyarikan Seriada.


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