John Coltrane – Ballads (LP)


Artist: John Coltrane
Label: Doxy
Format: LP

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Donald Byrd once said, ‘After all these years of playing, I’ve come to the conclusion that one of the most difficult things to do is play a melody straight and play it well, with good tone and feeling.’ That is what John does in this album. Up-tempo playing presents one set of difficulties; ballads present another. An unrecovered error is more conspicuous in a ballad than in a stream of high-speed notes. Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on audiophile clear vinyl (ACV). Audiophile Clear Vinyl is made using the highest quality co-polymer available and processed without any carbon additive in order to dramatically reduce the ‘electrical distortion’ often found on records. By itself the co-polymer of vinyl is transparent. In order to make the record black in color the plant must use a carbon additive with trace metals that can become magnetized. This is what causes electrical distortion during playback. That is the reason why we chose to offer these records on audiophile clear vinyl.


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