Various Artists – Buried Alive!! Demented Teenage Fuzz From Down Under 1965-1970 (CD Box)


Artist: Various Artists
Format: CD Box
Label: Particles
Release Date: 2017/02/24

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The world down under produced some of the most ferocious and provocative sounds to have emerged from the 1960s. Crammed full of fuzz, distortion, feedback, phasing, and wild dementia, this uncompromising sound was the precursor to punk rock. Buried Alive!! conjures up a superb collection of rampant amphetamine fury, jammed tight with the most vile and repulsive ’60s delinquency ever put together. This six-disc anthology culls together 150 long lost sounds of toxic, teenage rebellion from Australasia. Professionally re-mastered original sound; Includes a full-color, 80-page booklet with expansive liners containing group biographies, archival imagery, and previously unreleased recordings. Buried Alive!! is the first definitive collection devoted to Australasian 1960s beat, punk, and psych. Features: Masters Apprentices, Mike Furber, Chants R&B, Black Diamonds, Derek’s Accent, The Elois, Russ Kruger, The Creatures, The Soul Agents, The In-Sect, Sandy Edmonds, MPD LTD, The Purple Hearts, The Bluestars, The Down And Out, The Dark Ages, The Selected Few, The Vince Maloney Sect, The Allusions, Steve And The Board, Barrington Davis, The Deakins, The Missing Links, The Hergs, Roadrunners, The Lincolns, Laurie Wade’s Cavaliers, Peter Nelson And The Castaways, Tony Cole, Peter Doyle, Colin Cook, Peter And The Silhouettes, The Other Ends, The La De Das, The Principals, The Leather Souls, The Feelgoods, Tol-Puddle Martyrs, The Deep Set, The Sounds Of Silence, The Frantics, The Pilgrims Five, Bobby James And The Vibrants, The Loved Ones, The Smoke, The Action, Tony Worsley, The Atlantics, Normie Rowe And The Playboys, The 4 Strangers, The London Criers, The 5, The Pleazers, The Hergs, The Lost Souls, Throb, The Blue Beats, The Henchmen, The Challenge, Billy Adams, Wild Cherries, Tom Thumb, The Groop, Larry’s Rebels, The Twilights, The Syssys, The Town Criers, The Clique, The Probe, Mort And The Mobees, The Strangers, Hugo, The Morloch, Autumn, Reverend Black And The Rockin’ Vicars, The Human Instinct, The Mixtures, The Affair, Zoot, 1863 Establishment, The Puppy, Abdullah’s Regime, The Last Straws, The Jet Set, The Bucket, Travis, Wellington, Hedge, The Plaster Scene, Doug Ashdown, Troubled Mind, House Of Nimrod, Inside Looking Out, Proclamation, The Salvation, Love Machine, Vyt And The World, Inkase, Top Shelf, The Rebels, Roger Skinner & The Motivation, The Playboys, The Manx, Hi-Revving Tongues, The Dizzy Limit, Lloyd’s World, Imagination, Chris Malcolm, The Music Convention, The Gremlins, Oak Apple Day, The Questions, Vegetable Garden, James Taylor Move, The Brew, The Wright Of Waye, The Gallery, and Clapham Junction.


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