Ipanemas, The – Call Of The Gods (CD)


Artist: Ipanemas, The
Format: CD
Label: Far Out Recordings

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2008 release. The Ipanemas’ fifth album Call Of The Gods is a gorgeous slice of Brazilian vintage magic and clearly invokes the spirit of their 1962 debut Os Ipanemas. Back then they forged their own unique sound by infusing bossa nova with African traditions, jazz instrumentation and the lyrical themes of Samba-Canção (sung samba). Call Of The Gods exquisitely captures their self-styled “Afro-bossa” sound of the 1960s, conjuring up that golden age Rio de Janeiro feel. The Ipanemas are a direct link to the old samba roots of the street bars in bohemian Lapa, the 1950s Copacabana jazz joints, and the emerging bossa wave – Wilson Das Neves and Neco come from the source and made a sound all their own. Crucially, the album is driven throughout by the deep spiritual kick of the Afro-Brazilian religion and Candomble music, whose Gods inspire the title and so much more – as Wilson says, “Brazilian music is religion”. This album swings with grace and pure class, thanks to the rich experience only The Ipanemas can bring. The Ipanemas, aka Os Ipanemas, are led by Brazilian septuagenarians Wilson Das Neves and Neco. Both have had extraordinary careers spanning five decades as key players at the heart of Brazilian musical history. Wilson Das Neves, now also a vocalist, has long been one of the most sought-after drummers in Brazil and Neco’s bossa guitar genius can be traced to countless cult classics. They have recorded and toured with so many greats including Elis Regina, Tom Jobim, Wilson Simonal, Jorge Ben, Chico Buarque and Elza Soares. Wilson also features with Rio’s new samba big band Orquestra Imperial. Intrinsically innovative at the time of its release, their eponymous debut recording is now considered an absolute classic. In a remarkable twist, the follow up wasn’t recorded until almost 40 years later in 2001 with The Return Of The Ipanemas for Far Out Recordings. As a landmark recording by sensational veteran musicians, the album was acclaimed by the press, with The Independent and Music Week calling The Ipanemas Brazil’s closest equivalent to Cuba’s Buena Vista Social Club. Afro Bossa was recorded two years later, followed by Samba Is Our Gift (FARO 106CD) in 2006 which confirmed that “their sound remains extraordinarily fresh – exhilaratingly spacious and aerodynamic” –The Daily Telegraph. Call Of The Gods is their best album yet.


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