Muslimgauze – Chechnya Over Dub (2xLP)


Artist: Muslimgauze
Label: I Shall Sing Until My Land is Free

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Double LP version. Chechnya Over Dub was originally released by Staalplaat as a part of Fatah Guerrilla in 1996. Written, played, and recorded by Muslimgauze. Release produced by Dmytro Fedorenko. Design by Zavoloka. “There is not a single misanthropic ideology in the World, even in theory, acting more cruelly and cynically than russism … No moral principles — they are all like animals. I don’t want this war to stop. I need this war, its continuation. This war will go to the territory of Russia — whether Russia wants it or not … And the Western countries, the world community will not let it be stopped in order to completely isolate Russia and destroy it as a state, so that this predatory beast on Earth no longer exists.” —Dzhokhar Dudayev, the president of free Chechnya. April 1995. On the front cover, there is a “Coat of Arms” of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria during the First Chechen War for Independence.

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