Legendary Pink Dots – Chemical Playschool 16, 18, 19, 20 (2CD (CP 16/18)/2CD (CP 19/20)/4CD Box)


Label: Beta-Lactam Ring
Artist: Legendary Pink Dots
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Most of the copies in this four-CD set were sold on the Dots’ fall 2016 “Tour Aquarian” tour of North America. We have a few that were left over and provided to us by Beta-lactam Ring. The four-CD set has both double CDs encased in a black kraft-paper o-band printed with black ink by Stumptown Printers. A hand-numbered card completes the package. We also have a few copies of each double-CD available for purchase separately. Make your selection from the pop-down menu on the right side of this page.

It was sometime in 2015 that the restless creatures stirred once more out of their lair, and this time the universe might never be quite the same again. Seemingly intent on opening all the thresholds between the planes of existence, they tear down the last walls and herald a sonic universe where the only rules left are theirs to make and break. And who else than their faithful Legendary Pink Dots could they take control of again to produce the soundtrack to their new devilishly ambitious campaign to wipe out all that is drab, conventional, formatted, pre-digested and colourless? They’re probably after your mind, but offer no resistance, let them dissolve you in this new greater whole. Let them have their playtime. Just float around and let them push and pull you from one dimension to the next on a journey you can’t make on your feet. They’re the masters of the timeline and the itinerary; time and space expand and retract around you at their touch. Everywhere from sidereal infinities to the alleyways of the criminal underbelly to pockets of reality you probably didn’t even suspect existed, characters come to dance under the light of infinite moons; the familiar and the unexpected collide to explode in wondrous mind-expanding waves of sound and then transform, mutate, metamorphose all over again to better surprise and disorient you. Lady and gents, welcome to the real world… You’re about to experience it in a whole new way.

Their toolbox has expanded, the skills have been finely honed, the oxide tape has long disintegrated to its elemental particles to be remade into hard drives, but the spirit that drives it all remains unchanged, the voyages they produce are as fresh and exciting as when they dared take those first steps out of the proverbial box. The Silverman, Erik Drost, Raymond Steeg and Edward Ka-Spel bring you once more into the Chemical Playschool, a concept almost as old as band itself that’s so unmistakably their own it’s almost become a musical genre unto itself, one that proves with each consecutive return that it’s as mesmerizing as it is timeless. Collages, samples, voices from above, beyond and every known and unknown directions, intricately detailed layers of electronics and guitar riffs that form mind-binding enveloping textures, relentless, intense and beautiful, mysterious, dramatic or hypnotic in turn – and at times even utterly funny. The soundscapes can erupt at any moment into songs that refuse any boundary, complete with the lyrics of Edward Ka-Spel at the top of his storytelling game, bringing to life a gallery of characters old and new into his unique twisted and strange little tales. An uninterrupted 92 minute foray in four parts into the unmapped territories and the odd forbidden zone. Don’t call it experimental, these master craftsmen of psychedelia are in full control of their Art. It’s the perfect companion to its celebrated 2014 predecessor Chemical Playschool 16 & 18, picking up where it left off and pushing the envelope yet again. Book a ticket, lock the doors, kill the lights, feed the cat and stock well on biological yogurt – this journey starts on Sept. 10, 2016. – Dominic Audy

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