Andrew Liles – Cover Girls (CD)


Artist: Andrew Liles
Label: Dirter Promotions
Format: CD

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Cover Girls, begun by sound artist and multi-instrumentalist David Liles in 2011, is a women-only recording and has the following wonderful, unique, charming, and beautiful women contributing their voices: Elisabeth Oswell, Katie Oswell, Gena Netherwood, Baby Dee, Jess Roberts, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Melon Liles, Lavinia Blackwall, Alex Jako, Miranda Kinkelaar, and Bobbie Watson. Spanning a wide array of genres, the album includes cover versions of songs originally by David Essex, Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel, The Buggles, UFO, Einst=C3=BCrzende Neubauten, and many more. It is packaged in a beautiful gloss laminated digipak.


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