Squarepusher – Damogen Furies (CD)


Artist: Squarepusher
Label: Warp
Format: CD

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Through this record I aim to explore as forcefully as possible the hallucinatory, the nightmarish and the brutally visceral capacities of electronic music.? ? Squarepusher. Squarepusher?s legacy is unassailable. From his early releases on Rephlex and his residency at the Blue Note, through his aggressive interpretations of ensemble jazz, the peerless Music Is Rotted One Note, his musique concrete experiments, and the boundary-warping drum ?n? bass with which he is synonymous, Squarepusher has tilted ever forwards. Damogen Furies, his first full-length since 2012?s Ufabulum, sees Squarepusher?s powers in full flow. All of the recordings here were made in one take, with no edits. Damogen Furies is a record that has the brutal energy and vivaciousness of a debut. It sees the peak and confluence of the preoccupations that have emerged throughout Squarepusher?s career, approached with the antagonism and audacity of an artist who still believes in the power of Format: CD the intervention.


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