Motorpsycho – Demon Box (CD Box)


Artist: Motorpsycho
Label: Rune Grammofon
Format: CD Box

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Still the favorite of many Motorpsycho fans, the iconic Demon Box was also their breakthrough album. It’s a testament to their most drastic period of transition: initially a relatively (but not entirely) straight rock band largely met with indifference, it’s on this album that “shit definitely falls in place,” to quote Tommy Olsson’s liner notes. It=C2=B4s also, notably, the only album in their vast catalog to feature Helge Sten (Deathprod) as a full-time member of the group. This reissue follows the four-CD box set reissues of Timothy=C2=B4s Monster (RACD 104CD) and Blissard (RACD 110CD), released with the kind permission and cooperation of Voices of Wonder Records. The double-LP and the five-CD box set both present Demon Box as it appeared on Voices of Wonder’s original vinyl release. The original 1993 CD release was confined to a single disc, meaning that a couple of tracks had to be left out — which makes this is the first ever CD release of the full Demon Box album. The third disc of the five-CD box set also includes the two EPs that followed the album (Mountain EP and Another Ugly EP), plus “Home of the Brave,” a live recording previously available on a long-deleted compilation. The fourth CD features various outtakes, live recordings, and other rarities, mostly unreleased until now. The fifth disc is a DVD of a previously uncirculated, one-camera video documentation of a full performance from September 19, 1993, at a club called Vera in Groningen, the Netherlands. Dark, shadowy, chaotic, loud, energetic, and primitive, this is still the best audio-visual recording of a complete show from this period.


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