Schulze, Klaus – Eternal (2CD)


Artist: Schulze, Klaus
Format: 2CD
Label: Made In Germany

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CD 1 contains a complete previously unreleased album, recorded by Klaus around year 2006/2007. On CD 2 we find with the 3 tracks ‘Schrittmacher’, ‘Ion/Andromeda’ and ‘Andromeda-The Grand Trance’ titles written by Klaus for keyboard manufacturers and shared in very small amounts (300 pcs.) on music fairs. The theme ‘Andromeda’ was released in a different, tight reduced version (Constellation Andromeda 23:52) as bonus track on the album Dreams. Here you find it in its whole magnificence and hypnotic creed in full length (‘Ion/Andromeda’ and ‘Andromeda-The Grand Trance’). The liner notes were written by no one else but Ecki Stieg (Grenzwellen) and you can read it in the extensive booklet.


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