Taylor Deupree – Fallen (CD)


Artist: Taylor Deupree
Format: CD
Label: Spekk
Release Date: 2018-03-02

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Renowned sound artist & 12K boss, Deupree releases his 2nd solo album on SPEKK after 14 years from the glorious work “January”. Despite of the technological progress and numerous accomplishments over the years, it is impressive to hear that he is still exploring and developing the sounds, following the consistent aesthetics – imperfections, transitions and errors. Photography by Taylor Deupree, shot in Iceland.

1. The Lost Sea 2. Paper Dawn 3. Unearth 4. Small Collisions 5. The Ephemerality Of Chalk 6. Sill 7. For These In Winter 8. Duskt

Fallen notes by Taylor Deupree:

“When I sit down to write an album I will usually come up with a technical and compositional concept to help focus my writing. Whether it is a restricted palette of instruments or a specific way of approaching the writing, this practice has helped me explore different processes and helps keep the album focused. My previous album Somi was such an album. Hyper-focused and very deliberate in creation. However, there are times where I want to be more relaxed and just write what comes freely. In a way Fallen is such an album. When I began writing it the only strong rule I put on myself is that it would be my first album centered around the piano as the main instrument. There were times when I wanted Fallen to be an album for solo piano but the more I pushed and explored the more I was drawn to accompanying the piano with modular and Moog synthesizers, tape machines and the occasional guitar. Fallen was supposed to be, after all, a relaxed album, one that would come quickly, off-the-cuff, and with little regard to any rules or restrictions. It, however, ended up being one of the longest albums for me to create; well over a year and a half, as it had coincided with a particularly dark and difficult time in my personal life. As the album progressed the thoughts of a freer, solo-piano sound quickly faded as layers of disintegration and noise came to the foreground. Half-broken tape machines and plenty of ghostly echoes helped hide the honesty of the piano as I hid myself, and my music, away under the cover of abstraction. In a way I feel that Fallen is most like my album Northern. One that was intended to be more free-spirited but became very much about a particular place and time.”


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